Best Dog Hair Dryer – Buyers Guide

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best dog hair dryer

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You might be wondering why you would need the best dog hair dryer? Is it something that’s required  if you’re a dog owner? If you regularly bath and groom your dog but have to wait for him to dry before you can start clipping then a good dryer is a helpful tool. It’s useful, even if you just wash your dog between visits to the groomers.

So, can I use a hair dryer to dry my dog?

If you mean your own personal hair dryer then yes you can, but you must be very careful. It can be too hot for your dog so you need to use it from a safe distance and keep it moving so you don’t burn your dogs skin. If it has a cold setting then that would be best for your dog. It also might not be powerful enough if your dog has a thick coat which is where pet hair dryers fare better.

Best Dog Hair Dryer Top 5

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Buyers Guide

If you have decided that you want to invest in a dog hair dryer you need to know what the best features are the most important.

Airspeed – is there more than one

The first thing you will see when looking at the best dog hair dryers is mention of the airspeed. The dryers blow the air out quite forcefully which can blow the water out of your dogs fur right down to the skin.

The benefit of this is that you can blow dry your dog 60% quicker with one of these dryers, just like they do at the groomers. If your dog doesn’t like to be groomed then speed is important.


There is a drawback to this speed though and that is the noise it generates. It can be a bit frightening for your dog if they spook at loud noises. Having more than one speed can help as a slower speed is quieter and can help get your dog more comfortable with the experience.

Temperature settings – are they adjustable

Dogs have a warm body temperature and as they don’t sweat through their skin they can easily overheat if you use hot air on their coats. You may get dryers that have a warm setting and a cold setting but heat isn’t really required to dry their coats. The dryer you want might have a heated option so it might be beneficial if it has an adjustable heat setting so you can used the lowest heat that is the most acceptable for you dog.

The Best Dog Hair Dryer Attachments

Like with your own personal hair dryer, having attachments can be very useful. You don’t need a lot of attachments and depending on your dogs coat you might just use the thick nozzle to dry it all. If you have to do a bit more styling a thinner nozzle can be good especially around the face so you can keep the airflow to a smaller area. Having more attachments is not necessarily better with a dog.

Dog Hair Dryer Reviews

Flying One High Velocity Dog Dryer

This Flying One High Velocity dryer is from the Flying Pig grooming range and comes in 3 colors if that is important to you. Like other dryers it looks like a mini vacuum cleaner and unfortunately sounds a bit like one too. You can even purchase a stand to make it into a stand dryer.

The outer shell is made from metal and it stands on rubber feet which makes it a sturdy little machine but the size doesn’t stop it from offering a powerful blow dry.

It has a strong airflow, up to 28000 FPM (air velocity, feet per minute) from a 4.0 hp motor. The best part is that this has variable speed, so you can start it off at the lowest speed which is quieter while you dog adjusts to it then speed it up as required. Even so, it is quite loud and you may have to build up your dogs tolerance to it if they have an aversion to loud noise.

This dog blow dryer does have a heating element and you have the option to use it without, which is perfectly fine for dogs or you can choose medium or high heat for a quicker dry.

The hose is 10ft long which gives you flexibility if you use a grooming table and want to stand it on the floor. It also comes with 2 nozzles, one has a flat end and one has a round end. These help direct the air exactly where you want it and an easy access air filter.

With over 80% of the customers who leave reviews loving the product it’s fair to say it’s worth having on hand if you don’t want to send your dog to the groomers.


Variable flow adjuster

Used and liked by professional groomers

Hard wearing steel shell


Wide pipe can be difficult to hold

Nozzles can fall off

Some people found it too noisy

Petnf – Professional Pet Force Dryer

If you’re looking for a small hair dryer which still packs a punch then check out this Petnf Dryer. It has an aluminium cover which helps with the noise reduction and also comes with an LED display so it’s easy to set the right blowing level or heat level for your dog.

On this force dryer you can adjust the power of the wind speed which ranges from 38 to 50 m/s. From customer reviews it has enough power to cope with large dogs and undercoats as well as long haired pooches too.

They’ve worked on the noise level and have it down to 60 db which seems tolerable to dogs as well as the owners. With the display panel you can also check how long it’s taking your to dry your dog if you want to keep the sessions short.

You also have a variable heater setting if you want that bit of heat for a quicker drying time. Some people have mentioned that you need to run the dryer for a few minutes for the heating element to heat it up.

The hose is just less than 10ft which allows you to use it stretched if your dog needs a bit more distance from the noise. It also comes with 3 nozzles for different drying options.

This dryer seems to be well liked by the customers and it comes in a bit cheaper than some of the better known brands.


LED Display

Noise level at 6DB on highest flow setting

8 settings to adjust air speed and temperature


It takes a little while to get used to the settings

The hose screws in but can work it’s way loose

Might need to run it a few minutes to get the heat through

Free Paws Dog Dryer 

The Free Paws dog dryer comes in 2 colors and offers a high velocity dryer with heat if required and a variety of nozzles to aid in the drying process of your dog.

This dryer is the same design as the previous models with high velocity air speed around 9800 FPM and a 4HP motor to manage the process.

There are 2 speed options, high or low with a variable speed setting so you can change it depending on where or what type of dog you are drying. This has been designed to keep the noise level down to 6DB for the comfort of all concerned.

You can also choose whether to have heat or not when drying, There is a choice of low or high so if it’s cold weather or if your dog has a lot of hair you might want a higher heat for a quicker dry.

The flexible hose is just short of 8ft long and has a heat resistant cover at the end so it’s more comfortable for you to hold. There are also 5 tools, 3 standard type fittings and 2 comb/finger type which blow the air through to dry the coat while you comb. This can make it a little easier to get to the undercoat without having to use a separate brush.

This dog hair dryer has good ratings although it is close to the higher price range for one of these style of dryers. Most buyers feel it is money well spent.


Air flow and heat adjustable

5 nozzles come with the unit

Salon quality for a budget price


Broke in a short time

Too loud and stressed the dogs

Parts came off the unit.

dog hair dryer

DUZ Hands Free Dryer 

The Duz hands free dryer is another high powered dog hair dryer with a little bit of a difference. This unit has been designed to be hands free so that you always have both hands free to control and brush your dog.

It’s a small square box with a firm hose coming out of it and it’s meant to sit near your dog, either on the grooming table or wall mounted.

Although it has a strong air stream it’s not quite as powerful as the other styles with Air volume – 37.08CFM(Cubic feet per Minute). There are 3 speed options so you can choose what works best. There are also 4 temperature settings, dry your dog with no heat or choose low/med/high heat to help speed the job up.

The hose is around 20 inches long and you have an additional 7 inches height from the control unit. You can bend the hose to point to where you need it but if you have a taller dog you may need to stand it on a higher shelf or have your dog lie down so that it can point down to do the top. There aren’t any other styling tools to attach to the hose, just the one which is already attached.

The noise created is less so this works very well for small dogs and puppies that may find louder units a bit too stressful.

This is an expensive unit, but it does offer a solution for the nervous dog and you will have both hands free to make your dog feel safe with your touch.


Bendable hose for hands free drying

3 different airflow levels

Quieter than the higher powered dryers


Not as powerful as the bigger dryers so need to be closer to the dog

More suitable for smaller dogs

High priced

IONE Dog Cat Hair Dryer

If you don’t have the money to buy a bigger dog hair dryer but you don’t feel safe using your personal dryer on your dog, then this Ione blow dryer might be the one for you.

This is a hand held dryer specifically designed for your pets. Its 1.75lbs in weight, it has a wide nozzle and a fast air flow so that it can dry your dog quickly.

It’s not the same type of force dryer as the previous choices we’ve shown you but it has twice the airflow as a personal blow dryer and it also has a safe blue LED light that shines on your dog and can identify  areas of urine stains on the fur. It also helps you to know where you’re pointing the dryer especially around a sensitive area.

You have rocker switches on the handle to control the air flow, high or low and the temperature settings of  low/med/high. There is also a cold button if you want to have no heat at all.

It comes with 2 nozzles that you can use for more targeted drying, one is a comb type and one is just a concentrator nozzle.

This is a great choice if you want a cheaper option and something small enough to store without taking up too much room.


Blue LED light spots urine stains

Quieter than some dryers

2 airspeeds


Buyers felt the airflow was not strong enough

Some found issues with the plug falling out of the outlet

Quality issues with some dryers, not lasting 6 months


If you groom your dog at home between professional grooms or just on occasion the best dog hair dryer can be an invaluable investment. Use it if your dog gets wet in the rain or you have a pool which he likes swimming in and get a much quicker drying time than with just a towel.

Many home groomers use their high velocity dryer to blow out their pets undercoat outdoors which can save a little time on vacuuming indoors. There’s an option available whatever your budget and if you need 2 hands for holding and brushing your dog you can always invest in a stand or holder to make the most of your investment.




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