Best dog grooming scissors

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best dog grooming scissors

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Are you thinking of trimming your pets hair at home? If so, you’re probably looking to buy the best quality scissors as part of your home kit for grooming your dog. But where do you start? First, you need to know your budget.

If you’re buying other items like clippers, combs and a grooming table the costs can grow. But the good thing is they are usually once in a dog’s lifetime investments and you’ll save a lot in grooming fees, if you do full grooming at home.

Short on Time, Check out our top picks…


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1. Best Dog Grooming Scissors Set

This Gimars set of grooming scissors is a great buy for home groomers. If you’re unsure what type of scissor to buy, this set includes a straight version, a curved version and a set of thinners.

The scissors are made from stainless steel with a titanium coating. They are made in a way to promote hardness so they have a very long life. You won’t find after using for a while, any rusting either.

As with most pet grooming scissors they are incredibly sharp, so will cut through any hair type on your dog. The straight and curved scissors are both 7.3 inches long, which is an average length of scissor, not small and not too long to appear a bit scary to use.

The thinning shears are a little shorter at 6.3 inches and customers have found it to be sharp and easy to use, blending the hair in the way that they were hoping  for.

The handles are moulded for comfort with plastic ring inserts which can be removed to make cleaning easy. If your dog is a bit nervous with the sound of cutting scissors, the silicone pads between the handles should help. You can even adjust them to suit your dog’s hair.

If you start cutting hair and it doesn’t slice straight through, bending the hair, it means your scissors require sharpening. Send them to a professional sharpener to get it done properly.

Keep them safe and out of the wrong hands, by using the zippered case included.  It makes them easy to store all together and keep to hand when you’re grooming your dog.

If you want a variety of scissors that can cover all your needs these are a reasonably priced option for a home groomer.


Comfortable to use

Very sharp and cut well

Good quality scissors for the price.


Some  customers found them heavy.

Some sets have had dull blades.

The plastic finger guards pop out.

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2. Best Dog Grooming Scissors for ‘Scaredy Cats and Dogs’

If your pet doesn’t do well with electric clippers or going to the groomers, then don’t despair, try this Scaredy Cut Grooming set.

These scissors aren’t like a normal grooming scissor, they allow a hair cutting guard to be attached, so you can cut your dogs hair to the length you want.

There are different attachments to allow you to choose different lengths for different parts of the body. I have something a bit similar to this to cut my husbands hair which works well too.

The finger holes can be adjusted by adding the inserts included, which reduce the space for thinner fingers. They can also be used without if you need to.

They provide instructions to get started, but you can trim you dogs fur, one lock at a time as you build up their tolerance to the scissors.

Many people are finding this a less stressful experience for their dogs.


17 pieces to cut various lengths.

Quiet action for noise sensitive pets.

Safety guards prevent cutting your pet’s skin.


Some people couldn’t get it to cut their pets hair.

Customers felt it was a bit cheap and poor quality.

Some found it blunt, but the customer service was excellent and replaced them.

Shop now at Amazon

3. Best Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

If you’ve tried cheaper scissors and haven’t had good results, why not invest a little more money in a professional pair.

The Sharf 7.5 inch straight scissors are used by professional groomers as well as people who groom at home.

Many people are finding that upgrading to a professional pair of scissors makes the grooming of their pets much easier especially if they have to trim often. This is because they tend to be sharper and better balanced in the hand.

These straight scissors are made from stainless steel, have and adjustable screw and include comfort rings for a more comfortable fit, although these can be removed if you have larger hands.

The scissors come with a protective case to store them in, so there is no chance of nicking yourself on the cutting edge.


A great weight to counter hand fatigue.

Extremely sharp and cut well.

Removable comfort rings.


A bit small if you have large hands.

Some found they didn’t cut well

Shop now at Amazon

best dog grooming scissors

4. Best Budget Dog Grooming Thinners

If you haven’t used a thinner before and you don’t want to invest too much money, this budget version is a good place to start.

The reason these type of scissors are used is to blend in long and short hair. This is so you don’t see the cut lines, especially around the face area.

The blades are stainless steel and can be sharpened by a professional.  There are 28 teeth in one of the blades and the other is straight. The handles are moulded plastic and are suitable to be used left and right handed.

For the price these thinners are well worth a try.


Light and easy to use.

Can be used right or left handed.

Surgical steel blades.


Plastic handles can break more easily.

Some people found they were blunt and wouldn’t cut.

Buyers found it poor quality.

Shop now at Amazon


5. Best Dog Grooming Scissors for Face Trimming

This iSeaFly Dog Grooming Kit includes 4 pairs of scissors of various lengths, and a comb within a storage case for protection. You have 2 pairs of straight scissors, 5.5 inch and 4.5 inch. Both of a shorter length which will give you more control but might take a little longer to get the job done than using a longer scissor.

There is also a curved scissor and a pair of thinners, both 6.5 inches long. This gives you a good range of scissors to deal with all areas of your dogs. Curved pairs of scissors are great for around the feet and head area to get a good shape.

There are 3 different sets available, this basic stainless steel set and 2 others sets with a colored plastic insert for the fingers. Fully stainless steel scissors are always more durable and long lasting. These also have a silicone stop between the handles to reduce the cutting noise for the comfort of your dogs.

All of the pairs of scissors have a rounded edge. The benefit of this is that you’re not likely to stick the point into your dog. Especially when you are working around the face and eyes.

These pairs of scissors have an adjustable screw holding them together which makes it easy to adjust the cutting width if you pet has really thick hair.

If you’re looking for a good beginner set to get started, with shorter length scissors that can cut the face and feet, these are well priced.


Great price for 4 pairs of scissors

All have rounded tips

Shorter lengths for trimming the face and body.


Colored finger inserts fall out.

A few customers have had dull sets which wouldn’t cut.

Shop now at Amazon

Buyers Guide

I know that having so many choices of different types of scissors can be a bit confusing. You just want to cut your pets hair, but which type should you buy? Here’s an overview on each type so you can make a decision on the best type for you.

Straight Scissors

When you look to buy your first pair of dog grooming scissors, the straight type will probably be your best choice.

They come in lots of different lengths and thicknesses. Small ones around 4 inches work best around the face and feet. Longer scissors for the body and legs.

The most popular length is around 7 inches but you might feel a little more comfortable with a pair around 6 inches when you’re a beginner.

If you’re a professional the weight of the scissors might be an important factor, but at home it’s not such an important factor if you aren’t cutting for hours.

You can use these scissors on all parts of the body, they are great for giving straight edges for long coats and to give an overall neater finish.

Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

You might see curved scissors on line and wonder if you should be purchasing a pair for your dog. If you need to trim around your dogs head and feet these will be a helpful addition to your tool kit.

They come in various lengths like the straight scissors. Longer lengths more suited to dogs with thicker coats but ten to be heavier to hold.

There are different curves available, the more pronounced the curve works better for smaller dogs. Use around the head or any curved area on your dog for a neater edge.

Some curved scissors are left or right handed, but some work with either. Worth checking if you are left handed.


Scissors with micro-serrated blades have very fine grooves in the edge of the blade. These are machined into the cutting edge and help to grip the hair when cutting.

Some scissors already come with a micro-serrated on the scissors but if you send your scissors for sharpening these will eventually be removed. If you want to keep that you need to specify it when having your scissors sharpened.

Thinning Scissors

You’ve probably seen thinning scissors being used before at your own hairdressers. They are also called chunkers or blending shears.

These are normally used to thin out the dogs coat where it is extremely thick or to smooth out cut lines especially around the face where it is more noticeable.

There are different types of thinners, double blade which can give a better finish or single blade thinners, and the number of teeth can be different which can affect how much hair is removed. If your thinners have smaller teeth they will remove less hair.

They’re also useful for removing small mats in the coat without you having to cut chunks of hair out.

Rounded tip

Your scissors will have a pointed tip or a rounded tip. The rounded tip is similar to what you find on baby nail scissors and are recommended for beginners, especially for trimming around the face.

If you have a squirming puppy or a dog that is nervous and moves a lot, these will stop you from digging a point into their skin and making them even more nervous.

Best dog grooming scissors – What to look for.

Stainless steel

The benefit of stainless steel scissors is the durability and sharpness. Often made with Japanese stainless steel which allows them to be re-sharpened many times and hold their edge, which is why they are often chosen by professional groomers.

You can get scissors with plastic handles which will work just fine but you have more chance of the handles breaking off over time.

Offset handles

Offset handles have been designed on scissors to make it easier for the user to prevent muscle fatigue. It also adjusts the angle of the arm when cutting which is more comfortable. They also tend to have a longer arm on the scissor which makes it easier for the groomer to rest their fingers on it when cutting.

Removable finger rings

Removable finger rings aren’t a necessity for a good pair of scissors but because people have different sized hands and fingers it is a simple way to adjust for comfort. This is especially useful if you have small hands to stop your fingers pushing through. They can also be removed for bigger fingers.

Tension adjusters

Having the correct tension on the blades of the scissors allows them to cut easily with a clean cut. Too loose and they won’t cut cleanly, too tight and they are difficult to use. If they loosen with continued use you can fix the problem yourself.

Scissor Sizes

Scissors come in many sizes. They usually start at around 4 inches in length and are available in size increments up to around 9 inches. The most popular size is around 7 inches in length. If you are a beginner you might find a longer pair of scissors a bit intimidating and smaller sizes might feel safer in your hands. You can definitely cut more quickly with longer blades especially if you’re a professional.

Wrap Up

After checking out all of the options available our best dog grooming scissors that we recommend is a set – Gimars set of grooming scissors. If you’re just getting started with grooming your dog and you are a bit confused with what you need to have on hand this set covers the basics for a reasonable price to start you on your grooming journey.

They have all the basic requirements, stainless steel, finger rings, tension adjustment along with different types of scissors so you can test what works best for you without spending a fortune.







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