Best Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

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Best Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

This post may contain affiliate links for which I could earn a commision.

If you don’t like reading long posts then check my top choice Gnawtlers Elk Antlers.

What if your dog chews on everything he can get his teeth on?

Are you constantly chasing your dog to get something off him? You need to entice him to let go by offering him one of the best dog chews for aggressive chewers.

Is there a reason why dogs chew?

If you have a dog already you may be sitting there while your dog is chewing something at your feet. That could be anything from a safe dog bone for chewing to a furry toy.

So why do they do it?

Well, chewing behaviour in your dog is hard wired into their DNA. Although our furry friends curl up on our laps, they are descended from wolves.

Dogs in the wild hunt their prey and tear it apart with their teeth and jaws. They eat all parts of the animals. The bones and sinews naturally clean their teeth and keep their jaws strong.

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Here are some common reasons why a dog will chew

Teeth are important to a dog but in the wild a dog doesn’t need to think about cleaning or preserving them because their food does it for them. Domesticated dogs need a little help. Many choices aren’t specifically dental chews for dogs but the chewing action does clean their teeth.

Puppies use chewing as a way of learning. How they will eat their food as they grow up, but also as a way to ease their gums when their main teeth are growing in.

The hardest part with puppies is to stop them from using you as a chew. You always need something to hand to redirect their attention.

Boredom is another reason that your dog might start chewing anything and everything. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation. Otherwise they can redirect their energy into destructive chewing.

To avoid boredom make sure that your dog has some suitable long lasting chews available. Take some time to discover what they enjoy chewing the most.

Make sure they get enough exercise. Play interactive games with them using puzzle toys, scenting or dog training.

Although we’ve taken the dog out of the wild, you can’t take all the wild out of our dogs.


Stress, often caused by separation anxiety is another trigger for your dog to chew things.

You can’t always take your dog with you. So training your dog to feel safe in your absence should start as early as possible.

Quiet time for short periods in a crate should start when you get your dog as a puppy.

You can then build up to leave your dog for longer periods of time in their crate. Long lasting puppy chew bones can help keep them occupied.

Tiring your dog out with a walk beforehand can release some of their energy. Keeping them in a space with limited items that they can destroy will keep everyone happy.

Edible bones and frozen filled Kongs can meet the chewing urge while you aren’t there to supervise.

Hunger is another reason for your dog to chew. It’s worth checking your dogs weight on a regular basis so that you can keep track if you are feeding him enough.

If you can see your dog’s ribs then they may need a little more food.

It might help, if you only feed once a day, to split their food into 2 or 3 portions and feed more often.

Natural treats that don’t add too many extra calories to their requirements can help. Like frozen carrots.

Should you give your dog a bone?


Deeks with a bone chew

Many people give their dogs chicken wings and neck bones. Classed as edible, safe dog chews for aggressive chewers which they can eat without problem.

Dogs should eat bones raw as cooking makes the bone brittle and sharp. Splinters can cut gums and even stick into a dog’s throat.

Larger thigh bones and marrow bones are available for dogs. These aren’t meant for chewing but to gnaw on to meet your dogs need for chewing.

There are people who don’t recommend large bones, even when they are raw. That’s because they can still splinter and cut your dog’s mouth.

Some dogs have broken teeth on these bones. If they do manage to swallow down small bits they can still get internal cuts if there are sharp edges.

It’s up to you to decide whether you think that’s a risk you want to take with your pet.

Many people don’t look for the best bones for dogs but the best long lasting dog chews. This is because they have less issues when eating.

What are the alternatives?

There are a few options that you can give your dog.

  • Antlers
  • Hooves
  • Pizzle sticks
  • Bully sticks
  • Himalayan Yak Chews
  • Cow ears
  • Nylabone healthy edibles
  • Frozen carrots

Some are natural products and some manufactured. One thing to be aware of is the size of the chew. Make sure that you buy the right size for the size of the dog you have.

If you have a small dog they will struggle to get their jaws around a large sized chew. But a large dog can choke on a small chew.

If you’re looking to get a manufactured chew then you might want to make yourself aware of the ingredients.

Cow ears are large enough to satisfy your dog without being over priced.


Yak chews offer a hard baked option which comes in different sizes. It takes a bit of chewing and is totally edible.

When it gets small enough that you’re worried about your dog choking on it, heat it up in the microwave.

This will turn it crunchy and make it safe and easy to eat although a bit messy.

There are Nylabone edible chews made from natural products. These might please your extreme chewer.

My dogs are getting plenty of chewing pleasure from frozen carrots. I cut the carrots into chunks and freeze. Simple, cheap and healthy, top dog chews.

chews for aggressive chewers

Why is rawhide not on the list

Rawhide chews and bones are made from the underside of cow hides. Treated with chemicals via the tanning process before making into chews.

Pieces of the rawhide chewed off by your dog can get stuck in the gullet or the intestines.

How often should you give chews to your dog?

If it’s a chew that they are likely to eat within a day then limit it to one a day and see how your dog copes with it.

Most safe chews for dogs contain protein and will add to their daily allowance of food. Giving lots of chews can contribute to weight gain. So keep it as a daily treat.

Pet Parents Gnawtlers

When you’re looking for something long lasting that’s natural then Elk Antler dog chews might be a good choice for your dog.

Antlers shed naturally are harvested from the forests. They are selected and graded by size, then cut and sanded. Finally being vacuum packed to protect from outside contamination.

Because this is a natural product it’s full of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. There are no dyes or additives used.

Some natural animal products can produce a smell, which doesn’t bother your dog but might bother you.

This isn’t one of them, it’s odourless and doesn’t produce any mess while your dog is enjoying himself.

If your dog isn’t seeming too interested you can try boiling the antler in a meat broth to add a little flavour.

If you want an alternative chew to your slippers that your dog will return too time and again then try an antler.

Make sure you watch your dog in case he manages to break a piece off the antler and cuts his gums.


No Odour or mess

Some chews come with a smell and the ability to leave color stains on the carpet. It’s ok to tell people to feed the dog outside, but not so easy to make your dog understand that.

No problem with these antlers. They don’t leave a mess or any stain and they won’t stink up the room either.

Comes in different sizes

It’s important to give your dog a chew appropriate to their size. Gnawtler’s give you a size guide based on the weight of your dog to make it easier to get the right one.

Naturally shed by the elk

Sometimes it feels a bit uncomfortable to know you’re giving your dog bits of an animal to chew on.

It’s part of the Elk’s life cycle to shed and grow new antlers. Our dogs get to enjoy this natural process.


Seem small in size

Some buyers have felt that the antlers weren’t as big as they expected when they bought them. As long as it is the size you ordered it should be safe and still give good gnawing time.

Lasted less than a day

There have been some items delivered that didn’t seem to be as long lasting as expected. If you give your dog one of these chews you don’t expect to have it eaten in 20 minutes.

The supplier says it’s due to the age of the antler. I would expect they should be able to check the hardness as part of their normal selection.

Can leave sharp edges

These antlers are usually hard enough to stop from breaking. Dogs have bitten the points off leaving sharp edges which cut into their mouths.

Make sure you supervise your dog so you can intervene if this happens.

Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dog

Many people feel cow hooves are the best, healthiest dog chews to buy. They have no artificial ingredients added and come from free range cattle.

The hooves are trimmed and baked to give you the clean hollow shape that you get. Around 3-4 inches in size and hollow so you can fill with food of your choice.

Freeze it for a longer lasting treat. You can even buy ready filled hooves.

Are cow hooves safe for dogs? These are a reasonably priced chew but they have their downsides. They aren’t too big so if you have a dog with larger sized mouth they can get stuck.

They can also crack or splinter and the pieces that come off it are sharp. These have caused cuts in the mouth and if they swallow them, cuts internally.

They can also smell, especially after your dog has been chewing them a little while.

Like all chews, treat them with care. Try them and see how your dog fares.


From free range, grass fed cattle

I don’t want to eat meat that has had hormones added and I want the same for my dogs.

Knowing these hooves have come from grass fed cattle is good. They have lived a good life and I’m passing on that benefit to my pets.

No artificial ingredients

The hooves are cleaned and trimmed before slow roasting. This makes sure any contaminants and bugs are removed. It also helps to take away some of the natural smell of the product.

Natural dental chews

Chewing these hooves can help with keeping your dog’s teeth clean. A good choice if you’re looking for the best dental chews for dogs. They help scrape the tartar and plaque away while gnawing.


Can splinter

These hooves can become brittle with roasting so you need to be vigilant when letting your dog chew.

I wouldn’t leave my dog alone with one of these. If they do manage to splinter it, remove immediately for your dogs safety.

A bit smelly

Even though these are slow roasted they still have an aroma. Your dog will love it, you might not.

Too thin

Some buyers felt these were too thin compared to previous ones which makes them break too easily. This produces sharp splinters which can cause problems if the dog swallows them.

Sancho & Lola’s 6″ Bully Sticks

Did you know there were 2 different kinds of bully sticks and do you know which part of the animal is used?

If you’re squeamish look away now!

“Bull or steer penis”

Yuck! But your dog will love them. Bulls parts have more testosterone so they are harder to chew than steer.

This is because a steer is neutered. The things we learn!

These come in different sizes so you can choose the best size and weight for your dog.

Choose from standard and odour free types. The latter dehydrated rather than baked making them harder and less porous.

Of course this makes them less smelly too. The standard bully sticks are slow baked.

Because these are muscle meat they are good for teeth cleaning. The fibres in the muscle being natural flossers.

How long these will last depends on your dog. It’s trial and error to find the best chew bones for dogs that they love. These should be easier on the digestion if he manages to eats it all.


Raw diet approved

No additives, hormones or anything nasty. Pure meat made into a long dog chew bones.

Are suitable for puppies and older dogs.

Because you can get thin ones made from steer it’s a little easier to chew and suitable for young pups.

Be careful though, pups don’t understand that you should chew it into small pieces. and they can end up eating long bits which might cause digestive problems.

Fully digestible

These are made from muscle fibres rather than skin like rawhide so they are fully digestible making them a safer choice.


Some feel they are small for the price

The thin ones are very thin. They work out around a couple of dollars a piece which might seem a bit excessive. You are paying for a product that is all meat with no cheap fillers.

Have caused some tummy upsets

Some buyers have found it has given their dogs an upset tummy or caused sickness. This might be just because it is a new food that has been introduced.

It’s definitely worth trying a small pack to see if your dog enjoys them first. Then it will be worth investing in larger packs.

Dogs finish them too quickly

This is going to be dependent on your dog. Some are voracious chewers that won’t let up till finished.

That’s not necessarily big dogs as my Bedlington Terrier bitch is like this. Again test them first with a smaller pack and let your dog guide you.

EcoKind Pet Treats Himalayan

These Himalayan Yak chews are a thick hard chew which usually takes a few days for your dog to work through.

My dog tends to shave it with her teeth and it does tend to leave a residue on the floor. It has taken her a while to eat it though.

Made from 100% yaks milk with no added preservatives, it is a natural ingredient that is easy on the stomach. It is lactose and gluten free.

The sticks are usually 6-8 inches in length and 1 inch wide or more. They are created by adding a little salt and lime juice to coagulate the yaks milk. Shaped into bricks then slowly dried out for about a month.

They don’t have any smell. When your dog has chewed it down to a small piece, heat it in the microwave and it puffs up like puffed candy. Your dog will love it.


Ancient recipe

The same recipe has been used for a long time. Because it is only yaks milk you don’t have to worry about additives.

Lactose free

Yaks milk is naturally low in lactose so it is good for dogs with allergies or sensitive guts. It also includes all the amino acids for growth and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with a good healthy balance ratio of 3 to 6.

Microwave the end piece

Make a puffed chew out of the end piece of the stick. Once your dog can get the whole piece into his mouth it’s not worth taking a risk on him choking.

So microwave the piece for about 60 seconds and he can safely eat it all up.


Can be hard on your dog’s teeth

These chews are very hard. If your dog likes to crunch his way through treats then you might have to keep a check on this himalayan dog chew broken teeth could result.

Can cause a mess with shavings

These do tend to leave little shavings as your dog scrapes his way down the treat. It’s nothing major and easily cleaned.

Some people received moldy product

There have been occasions when buyers have received moldy product. There are no preservatives in the mix so if mould starts it will spread in the pack. The smell apparently is quite noticeable.

This is a small percentage of the amount sold and the company will replace any spoiled items.

Nature Gnaws Large Whole Cow Ears

Are you looking for something large and chewy to keep your dog occupied? Gnaws Cow Ears will fit the bill.

Although they might look a bit like shaped rawhide they’re not. You can be sure that these are just cow ears naturally processed without chemicals.

Cleaned with water and oven baked without adding any coloring or flavour. And definitely no preservatives.

From grass-fed, free-range cows. You know that the animals have been raised with care and not fed anything unnatural.

Full of protein these chews are easily digested by dogs. They meet their normal need to chew and manage to clean their teeth at the same time.


Only 1 ingredient

What you see is what you get. Only cows ears with nothing added and no chemical cleaners used.

Long lasting

This does depend on your dog. A voracious chewer might get through it in less than an hour, other dogs might chew on it for a few hours or a few days. But generally, as chews go, this is long lasting.

Cost effective

You can buy in boxes of 50 ears which makes it much more cost effective. It’s one of the cheaper ones covered.


Can smell a bit when chewing

Because this is a natural product you tend to get some smell, usually when it’s wet and soggy after chewing.

This will be one of the reasons that your dog loves it, but if it’s too strong for you it might be better to give these outdoors.

Customers would like a smaller pack option

These are cost effective in boxes of 50 but some people would prefer to get them in smaller pack sizes. The choice is a pack of 6 or 50 and buyers would like a choice somewhere between this.


My choice for the best dog chews for aggressive chewers is the Pet Parents Gnawtlers elk antlers.

It satisfies my dogs need for something to gnaw on while not messing up the floor or smelling which suits me.

It’s not the cheapest option out there but it can last a while even for the most enthusiastic chewers.

I like the fact that I don’t have to find soggy bits of chews hidden around the house. This wouldn’t stop me from buying other choices to stop my dogs getting bored.

You still have the option to use toys for your chewers. The problem is they can’t identify the difference between chewing a toy and food.

Eating plastic or rubber bits that they have pulled off a toy isn’t good.

So it’s up to you to make the right choices for them.

What have you tried with your dogs?


Linda Stubbs

Linda Stubbs

Hi my name is Linda Stubbs and a few years ago I decided to take early retirement and enjoy doing my own thing. That included getting a dog, but they need a buddy too, right? So now I have two.

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