Linda Stubbs

Hi my name is Linda Stubbs and a few years ago I decided to take early retirement and enjoy doing my own thing.

It was quite a change at first, we suffered from empty nest syndrome and decided we needed a dog.

As a child my family had a Bedlington terrier called Monty and my sister decided to get one a few years ago and gave him the same name.

He is such a lovely natured dog that we decided to look into finding a ‘Beddie’ pup of our own.


We finally found our new Beddie girl – Callie

bedlington terrier puppy Callie

Who would have thought that this bundle of fluff could create such havoc and change our lives so much.

Having to find all the things we needed for a puppy and then a growing dog is the reason that I started this blog. 

Apart from the basics of eating and sleeping, I’ve had to learn a bit about grooming and I’m trying to learn about training too.

My mission for this site is to cover the questions you might have about your new dog so that you can spend more time building that special relationship

Of course I’m a glutton for punishment, so when the option came to get another pup we couldn’t pass it up.

Meet our Beddie boy - Deeks

bedlington terrier puppy Deeks

Articles and reviews

These are all compiled and written by me using my own personal experience with my dogs or extensive research from online sources. This is so I can give you the detailed information you need to make the right choices for your pet

what's in it for you

If you

  • Are getting a new dog or puppy
  • Worry about what food to buy
  • Worry about what the best lead is to buy
  • Don’t know the tools you need for grooming at home
  • Want to know the best toys to buy
  • Want to know if you should buy supplements
Then you will find helpful information on this site. Why not start here.